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Maroc Horizon Adventures

Moroccan travel agency & desert-mountains guides organizing cultural with hiking and trekking tours in atlas mountains and camel desert trips with 4WD adventure tours.

Your Moroccan specialist for circuits and trips vacations cross Imperial cities and trekking and hiking tours with adventure and sport tours around Morocco, and in addition all bookings for accommodation and excursions with dromedaries in Moroccan desert sahara, such as theme tours, Eco-tours, festival tours...MHA will take you to the most remote corners of Morocco.


Visit Morocco and organize your journeys and hotel reservations with MHA

  • La plage d’Agadir
  • Koutoubia de jour
  • Circuit 4x4 dans le désert
  • Marrakech
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trekking maroc

Mountain treks hikes & skiing in Morocco

Treks everywhere in désert, mountains, Désert and on the Atlantique Ocean

Moroccan Adventure quads & 4WD tours

With 4WD discover the villages, oasis, palmgroves desert and mountains..

Cultural Tours In Morocco

The Imperial cities and the great south : the big history of Morocco.

Incentives Seminars

Conferences congress in Morocco

For your incentives trips, conferences, seminars, workshops....

SPA and Thalasso

Therapy massage in Morocco

You need to relax, rejuvenate. Our programs will give you the energy and vitality.

Hotel and city vacation stays in Morocco

We offer as many possibilities for your holidays stay. At the seaside, in a cultural city, in the mountains and the desert.

Mountain Bike and cycling tours in Morocco

Discover the mountains, valleys, oasis, palmgroves in south Morocco.
Surfing &kitesurfing spots in Morocco
Surfing on the Atlantic Ocean: Taghazoute, Dakhla, Mirleft...
Rent a Car / rentalcar Morocco
With your car rented. Another way to discover Morocco and its landscapes.

Bivouacs camp holidays in Morocco
In sets of dreams surrounded by exceptional sites that we've chosen, try an unforgettable night under nomad tents nomads.

Excursions and journey in MOrocco

A variety of excursions during your stay, in stop cruise or private visit. Choose one or our severalexcursions.

Themes travel in Morocco

Lovers of nature or culture. We offer thematic tours.
Who we are ?|Morocco|Information|Practical Info|Gallery|Links|Contact

Maroc Horizon d'Aventures Travel & Tourism is a Moroccan travel agency organization and a team of Desert & Mountain Guides for special trips, and holidays services in morocco such as cultural tours, adventure tours, trekking in Moroccan mountains, desert camel tours in morocco, mountain hiking & climbing, Mountain biking, sport tours, vacation in sea resort in Morocco, booking air tickets. It offers many ideas for weekends trip...


Head Office: N° 3, Etage 2, Av. Khalid Ibn EL Walid, Cité dakhla - 80060, Agadir - Maroc /Morocco


Representatives : Marrakech, Casablanca, Fez, Tangier, Essaouira, Rabat, Oujda, Laayoun, Dakhla

Travel agency license N°: 06D/04 , Patente : 47127040 - IF : 06590543,  RC : 1073, CNSS : 6421531, Insurances RC : 504 385  ou     Skype: marochorizon1

Phone from any country:  + 212 528 213 426   / or  :  + 212 528 213 402   Fax : + 212 528 213 549  / Emergency mobile phone24h/24h : + 212 661 179 460


Phone inside Morocco:  0 528 213 426  /  Fax : 0 528 213 549  / Emergency mobile phone24h/24h : 0 661 179 460

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