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Le Maroc
Country of Sunset, Morocco is at the west of the North Africa and belongs to both the Mediterranean world, ocean and the Sahara.

It is largely known for its diverse ethnic,its rich linguistic and social traditions as well as its geography of great variety, beaches, mountains, deserts, sublime landscapes.

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Le Maroc
Morocco is extended by 3 500 km of coastline, and crossed by mountain ranges 4:

1 Anti-Atlas
2 The High Atlas
3 The Middle Atlas
4 The Rif

The High Atlas which extends for 700 km  and divides the country into two contrasting parts:

- North : wet and rainy
- South :  hot, dry desert covers 3 / 4 of the area.

الله, الوطن, الملك
English: God, Homeland, King

Official language Arabic (french is also used as administrative language)

Capital Rabat 34°02′ Nord 6°51′ Ouest
Economic Capital Casablanca
Form of state
 - Roi
 - first minister


Mohammed VI
Abbas El Fassi

710 500 km²

 - Total

  - Density

Classified 36e
33 757 175 inhabitants.
74,44 inhabitants./km²
Inhabitants moroccans
Moroccan currency
Dirham marocain (MAD)
Time zone GMT+ 0
Telephone code       

Its landscapes as beautiful and varied  will seduce you:

- The charm of narrow gorges
- The deep glacial valleys,
- The highlands of medium and high altitude areas
- Villages clinging to the slopes of the mountain

The gorges, waterfalls, beaches, desert and cities alternate with walls of red ochre earth and doors chiseled and gold.

Morocco has all the faces of an East ensorceleur: imperial cities, casbahs, nomadic peoples, green valleys ...

the country is rich in contrasts as well as the diversity of flavors.

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Who we are ?|Morocco|Information|Practical Info|Gallery|Links|Contact

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